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About Me:

I qualified as an Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist with a distinction from Roehampton University in 2011. Over the last decade I have amassed a wealth of experience working as a student counsellor and Wellbeing Manager at Goldsmiths University where I offered short term and longer-term counselling to both undergraduate and postgraduate students of all ages from diverse backgrounds. I wrote and ran workshops on numerous topics such as Managing Anxiety, Finding Your Voice and Procrastination. I also worked at The Royal College of Art as a student counsellor as well as starting my own private practice. 


Before I retrained as a counsellor, I managed bars and restaurants in London where I learnt that human beings come in all different guises, yet all share the same wish to feel whole, to feel loved and live an authentic life. As a counsellor my aim is to allow others to find ways of articulating those things that leave us feeling split and separated from ourselves and others. That through finding new ways to articulate old feelings we are able to re-integrate the parts of ourselves that we might have neglected and learn to address these more challenging aspects of the self with compassion. 

I am committed to my own ongoing personal and professional development; I regularly undertake additional training having most recently completed an 80-hour training as a Certified Online and Telephone Counsellor. As a Registered Member of the BACP, I subscribe to and am guided by the BACP code of ethics for good practice, this includes my own continued clinical supervision.